CareGiving Solutions:
Locating the resources you need, for the person you love

When you are caring for aging parents, or a loved one who is struggling with a terminal illness, it can feel like you are all alone, making an array of financial and emotional choices that have a profound impact on your whole family. CareGiving Solutions provides you with a personal guide to help you navigate the many legal, financial and healthcare options that are available to you.

How it works
The initial step is a Needs Assessment, an in-depth conversation and evaluation to identify the specific services necessary for your unique situation. This meeting may take place at your home or in our office in Mid-town Houston. This conversation will allow us to thoroughly discuss and explore options and together develop a comprehensive Treatment Plan that will meet your needs.

Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed to oversee the Treatment Plan. Clients only pay for the services that they select. The CareGiving Solutions program can be purchased by the hour or as a comprehensive package. We are committed to connecting you with the contacts and information you need, and helping you to find the organizations that can help.

Remember: You only pay for services you want and all packages are specifically designed at the initial assessment to meet your needs.

Assistance for aging parents
We offer a hand to family members who are supporting aging relatives who need help with living independently, moving into a loved one’s home, or with transitioning to a nursing or long-term care facility.

Assistance for those who are terminally ill

Assisting a loved one of any age who is struggling with a terminal illness presents its own unique emotional and practical challenges. You may need help advising your loved one on emotional issues, practical matters or end of life decisions.
Crisis intervention for people who need medical records and the appropriate care
We can gain access to medical records if needed; intervene to help families understand medication protocols and medical procedures; and help patients get the medical care promised by a hospital or physician.

Menu of Services:

Family Resolution Services:

Sita Lewi

J. Sita Lewi
, LCSW, ACSW is the founder of The Lewi Method and the primary service provider for CareGiving Solutions. She has worked for over 14 years as a licensed clinical social worker, with extensive hospital and hospice experience. She specializes in understanding family dynamics and assessing the needs of individuals and families in crisis.

Sita has built a comprehensive database of Houston caregiving facilities and programs. She uses compassion and deep listening to help you find the right solutions and resources for those in your care. Getting the information and help that you need can lighten your stress level as a primary caregiver, freeing you to connect more fully with your loved one. Sita’s expertise can help you find real and practical solutions that will empower you to meet the needs of your loved one. As a knowledgeable and experienced guide, Sita can support you, as well as your family and friends, through this difficult time.

Rates: The Needs Assessment appointment lasts at least 1 1/2 hours and costs $175. Further rates for services are discussed during the Needs Assessment.

For more information, to set up a Needs Assessment appointment,
please call: 713-870-2084 or email: