I offer psychotherapy services specifically tailored to the needs and strengths of each client. Working from a process oriented framework, I seek to provide a sound assessment of what is happening in your life that is causing distress. I work from a model of human development that honors the interconnected dimensions of living in the world. These include biological, psychological, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of being. I offer a compassionate, effective approach to human healing and personal growth.

Providing both short and long term psychotherapy services to individuals and couples, I work with clients to specify their therapeutic goals, articulate the methods by which these goals will be achieved, and facilitate these mutually established goals, with skillful guidance, in the context of a committed therapeutic relationship.

Areas of expertise include:

Therapeutic approaches to healing include:

Available for sessions in Houston and Austin, as well as by phone for long distance clients.

For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact or call: 713-870-2084.