“When you build a safe environment for open communication, then the expression of joy, humor, and love becomes the norm.”

Communication & Connection are at the heart of all satisfying relationships. The feeling that it is safe to be yourself, even when differences are present, makes your communication more authentic and allows you to truly connect with others. It is possible to learn how to create an atmosphere where clear communication leads to greater intimacy and understanding. It is also possible to build skills that allow you to work through conflict, while maintaining mutual integrity and respect. The Lewi Method focuses on teaching these skills.

Relations Solutions: The Lewi Method focuses on enhancing human relationships by:

Each group will participate in unique exercises that are designed to lead participants into deeper contact with one another, while maintaining their own personal integrity. Simple straightforward methods will be used that encourage adventure, mystery and fun in this work.

Learning modalities include:

As participants you will:

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